Aneka Vikki Visavadia

Aneka Vikki Visavadia



Final Major Project

“QR code technology is set to rise further in UK fashion sector within the next five years (Eco Business 2018)”.

Freitag is a new smartphone app is tailored towards men within the Millennial and Generation X tribes. The purpose of the app is to allow consumers within these tribes to gain an in-depth insight on the production of garments through scanning the unique QR code attached the garment they are interested in from their handset. Information is broken down into five icons (farming, material, garment, pollution, recycling), allowing the consumer to have the freedom of choice.

The overall aim of the app is to create a digitally interactive instore environment, enabling consumers to learn more about how garments are manufactured through short video links, photographs and written text.

The Freitag concept was developed after key dissertation findings highlighted that consumers in these tribes are keen to know about the journey of a product before making a purchasing decision (Eco Business, 2018). Research conducted by The Guardian (2018) has also proven that both tribes seek to purchase garments that are manufactured in clean environments due to high pollution levels (The Guardian, 2018).
The video on the left shows the pages of information linking to the correct icons from the scanned garment. The video on the right explains each of the app icons and purposes, as well as showing examples of compostable products. The above landscape promotional video states the purpose of the app, a step by step process, icon explanations and rewards scheme.

From my three year experience at university studying Fashion Business & Promotion, I have had the chance to explore Marketing and PR through the FMP, Events Management, and Digital Marketing modules. Alongside my Industry Placement where I had the opportunity to work further with social media and marketing as well as learning to work within a team. My experiences have helped build my skills and knowledge on social media and promotional marketing strategies, which has shaped and inspired my chosen career path within the Marketing and PR industry.