Anastasia Nikolic

Anastasia Nikolic

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Derive


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.
Throughout dissertation research based on customer behavior alarmingly high percentage of young people in UK have claimed to have lack of self-esteem (47%). Furthermore 72% of respondents said that they feel that the fashion industry is exploiting their lack of self-esteem in order to sell them more products.
Therefore Derive was made- a travel inspired concept, in order to replace unethical methods in fashion industry with a more ethical one which would encourage young people and inspire them to travel. Derive believes that travelling relieves stress, boosts mental health and shifts perspective. Derive is committed to doing their best in making millennials’ wellbeing and quality of life better by increasing their connection to others and themselves which is at risk with the raise of social media. Derive believes this directly connects to boost of self-esteem in millennial generation. By creating a generation with more self-esteem their future and future of generations after them has a better outlook. Derive commits to inspiring millennials to get out there, experience, feel and deal with
unexpected situations.

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