Ana Cotfasa

Ana Cotfasa

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



An online marketplace where consumers can easily find fashionable pieces from premium brands that have sustainability and ethical standards.

Sustainable doesn't mean compromise

Writing my dissertation was one of the most exciting projects I have ever worked on because I could focus on the issues that caught my attention since the first year of this course, sustainability and ethical practices within the fashion industry. Through research, I came across an article that challenged the actions taken by brands and revealed a dark side of sustainability in the fashion industry which led me to the subject of my dissertation, the impact that sustainability had on both the fashion industry but also on consumers and their behaviour. My research extended from the actions taken by brands to their true intentions, through which I found that most fast fashion retailers endorse sustainability schemes mainly due to the trust and positive engagement with consumers that they provide, many of the schemes not being based on true intentions but focused on increasing profits.
Primary research revealed that a lot of people would make better decisions if they knew the impact of garments on the planet which is what inspired my Final Major Project concept, Virtue. An online retailer, this concept brings convenience to the sustainable fashion market in the UK, promotes small and genuine brands and helps consumers make better decisions one garment at a time. Presented through both a website and an app to match it, the USP is brought by the ‘Nature cost’ section which provides essential information about each garment:
-How much CO2 was released when making the product
-How much water was used
-What dyes were used
-How long the garment will take to degrade once it reaches a landfill
-Where the material was grown/sourced from
-WFTO Approval (guarantee that all the farmers and worker were paid and treated fairly)
Virtue is aimed at Millennials and young Generation X, offering a variety of products such as womenswear, menswear, children’s wear, organic and cruelty-free beauty and sustainable pet accessories. Future growth would involve sustainable furniture and home accessories.
I believe sustainability is more than a trend, it represents the future and I wish to pursue a career which would allow me to get involved and make a change in the fashion industry for a sustainable future.
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