Amy Rushton

Amy Rushton

Amy Rushton

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Printed Textiles and Surface Design 2020


Sea Dreams

Sea Dreams is a luxury interior collection for a child's bedroom, the collection has been designed to stimulate imagination and create an awareness of the world for young children.

Hand and digital design work has been combined to create an exciting and inviting environment, suitable for a young child's bedroom.

Taking inspiration from ocean imagery and upcoming trends, intricate hand-crafted collages, drawings and digital compositions have been created. ’Sea Dreams’ is a collection of framed prints, fabrics and mural wallpaper designs for a luxury children’s bedroom setting. The chosen colour palette is inspired by S/S 2021 trends, such as 'Transform' and 'Save the Seas,' but has also been designed so that it creates a calming and inviting environment for the target audience to discover.

The purpose of the collection is to stimulate imagination, as well as create an awareness of the sea world for young children. The ocean may be a place young children may not have yet discovered, bespoke mural designs illustrate these environments, giving young children the opportunity to explore and interpret their own story of the ocean scene, within their own bedroom. Bedding and upholstery fabric ideas also form part of the collection, these have been designed in a much smaller scale, to compliment the large scale murals. These fabric swatch samples, have be printed onto Poplin, a 100% Cotton fabric. Cotton has been chosen as it provides the best durability and non- allergenic quality suitable for the target market.

Due to the complexity of design processes: intricate mixed media collages, large scale bespoke mural designs, specifically chosen materials suitable for the target market, high end digital printing processes, this collection is aimed towards a luxury interior market level.