Amy Mistry

Amy Mistry

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021



Bringing Diversity, A Reality

“In other mediums, your conscientiousness is interpreting, meaning you are looking, hearing or seeing it; you’re thinking about it as you are taking it in… With VR, there is no gap there. You aren’t internalizing, you’re internal within it,”

Upon reflection, graduating for a BA Hons Fashion Business and Promotion degree, this three-year course has helped me develop and learn many new and existing skills and knowledge, in which I will take into my chosen career and future aspirations. Throughout the course the modules have helped me discover and explore creativity alongside business, helping me to push and open up too many new paths.

Over the years exploring many modules my ambitions have grew towards PR and Marketing, but also towards diversity and inclusion within the fashion industry, which has been portrayed within my projects. This project was built upon strong passion and commitment to making a change in an industry I aspire to be a part of. My final year modules focused on the PR industry as well as the diversity aspect, as my research and content formed to create DIVRSITY for my Final Project.

DIVRSITY is a recruitment, training and consultancy agency who specialises in using the advanced technology of virtual reality, to bring awareness and educate fashion organisations on diversity and inclusion, in the working environment. The use of virtual reality would immerse employees into an embodiment feature, allowing the individual to step into someone else’s shoes during the training, where an individuals’ emotions and learning is connected through the immersive experience.

Through a variety of independent research and my major project report, the analysis found a shift in consumer values towards inclusivity of businesses, due to the awareness of diversity and the impact of social events around the world. Generation Z and Millennials are standing against brands that are not portraying diversity and inclusion throughout the organisation, as they are now conscious and looking for more than just promoting and advertising. As many brands have pledged to change their actions and improve on inclusivity, consumers are seeing no tangible changes to welcome or embrace diverse individuals. DIVRSITY would guide and assist fashion organisations to grow and understand diversity, aid in achieving company diversity and inclusion objectives and adapt current working environments, which will sustain and retain diverse employees.