Amy Marsh

Amy Marsh

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Beauty Rhythm

Human Algorithm, True Beauty. I am a graduate of Birmingham City university with a degree in Fashion Business and promotion. Alongside this, I have six years of experience in the beauty industry working for brands such as LVMH, Dior and Charlotte Tilbury. My aim is to continue my career in the beauty industry within visual merchandising and concept creation. I aspire to be a part of a creative team and be able to communicate innovative and beautiful concepts that consider ethics, human rights and inclusion.

The work demonstrated on my portfolio page is from my Final Major Project titled ‘Beauty Rhythm. Human Algorithm, True Beauty. I have created a Non-Bias beauty subscription service which has a unique algorithm that allows the member to control their beauty rhythm experience without being faced with generic questions and generalisations based around race, gender, age and disabilities. This idea stemmed from research into the bias found in learning technologies and algorithms such as facial recognition technology. It was found that facial recognition technology that was being sold to the American law enforcement by large corporations like Microsoft were riddled with implicit bias. This was a concern for me because whilst working in the industry through the Covid 19 Pandemic I was aware of a rapid influx of technology being used in the beauty industry. There was a particularly large rise in facial recognition technology- this led me to ask the questions, has anybody stopped to think about the possible ethical and social implications that merging tech and beauty could cause? It is a strong personal belief of mine that the fashion and beauty industry, being as influential as it is on western societies, needs to take responsibility and consider the implications on its consumer. I was also inspired by the talks I attended. In particular, a talk on the inclusion of disabled talent in the fashion and beauty industry. Zebedee management, which is a talent agency for those with disabilities, gave fascinating insight on what inclusion really means- this includes those with physical disabilities. Not just age, race and gender. Beauty ideals, standards and the industry are changing rapidly, and I am excited to be a part of it.