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amy jones



Amy Jones Portfolio

A recent graduate in BA(Hons) Fashion business and promotion from Birmingham city university. A experienced retail professional with 5 years’ experience including a main role as a retail store key holder gaining great management and leadership skills.

This collection of creative outcomes displayed just some of the work I created whilst at university including competition and dissertation and QR app mock-up. Each explore the research into toxic chemicals within beauty products and how brands mislead consumers with the way they advertise their products. I am passionate about this subject and it is a sector I would like to work within.

This module required me to undertake a comprehensive and independent study on a topic of my choice which explores the rise of the organic and natural personal care products industry. Research shows people are turning to organic products because of the harmful chemicals in non-organic personal hygiene products. Researcher investigates what chemicals are bad and the laws brands have to follow to sell their products and class them as organic. I applied research skills and developed ideas to initiate new innovations within my chosen filed.

This module helped design my entrepreneurial skills building on my ability to communicate a concept and justify my idea for my chosen market. I focused on looking at 3 key drivers, environmental degradation, health and wellbeing trend and conscious consumer. I used research collated to further support some of the threads that have been identified within my dissertation. I researched into the organic beauty and wellbeing market sector including costings, leading brands and market. Then consumer tribes all which was enough research to justify my recommendations.

Skills gained from these modules;
• Understanding the importance of research
• Deep analysis of competitors
• Deep market analysis
• Information about chemicals