Amy Arthur

Amy Arthur

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



A graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion, aspiring to a Marketing career. This aspiration originates from a desire to utilise both content production and creative writing. My enthusiasm for marketing has intensified throughout my University studies, gaining valuable communication and research skills, and understanding vital business acumen through a range of projects. These skills have also developed through work experience opportunities within marketing roles.


A final major project creating an experiential marketing campaign for Ikea, alongside the opening of their first UK high-street store. In-depth research was carried out using various methods: field research conducted in London and Birmingham, identifying a gap in the market to create a fresh and innovative marketing idea. This was further supported through desk and primary research. The research was displayed interactively, demonstrating the development journey of the proposed campaign.

The concept was an exhibition in the Design Museum in London, supported with promotional material. The project included a detailed mock-up of the exhibition, a youtube advertisement, an exhibition guide and an in-depth business plan. Consideration to financial implications, market research, target consumer, operational strategy was required within the business plan. This included the implication of a SWOT, PESTLE and a market positioning map.

A business plan, marketing visuals, video and conceptual mock-ups were designed to present the campaign proposal. The Independent Final Project developed business acumen and both design and software skills, such as Photoshop and After Effects.


The dissertation investigated the question: “Are there Marketing and Advertising Trends between the fashion sector and one of the best-selling global brands, Coca-Cola?” This dissertation required in-depth research into the evolution of marketing trends, using primary and secondary sources. Primary research methods included: interviews with industry experts, focus groups and a questionnaire. This research led to identifying and proposing future marketing opportunities for the fashion sector. The dissertation developed my marketing knowledge and critical analysis skills.


This module required constructing a marketing and PR strategy for a selected cause/charity. This included a creatively formatted written report, proposing an in-depth strategy implementing theories such as a SWOT and AIDA theory. My chosen charity was The Marine Conservation Society, with a campaign focus on ocean plastic pollution. This progressed into a collaboration between the charity and the skincare retailer, Garnier, encouraging the use of sustainable and reusable products.

The proposed campaign was explained through a 10-minute presentation, developing communication skills. This project also required creative campaign mock-ups using Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.