Amie Boswell

Amie Boswell
Amie Boswell

Amie Boswell

COURSE: Textiles 2019

Pathway: Retail Management


“If eyes are the windows to the soul; then shop windows are just as revealing. They reveal the soul of the shop” – Debra Templar

I am a retail management student with strong enthusiastic mind-set, at Birmingham City University. I I have skills and knowledge within the textiles industry and retail through pervious jobs and experiences.

My work consist of my three most prominent and strongest projects.

The first being business for design, that I discovered and researched the business side of the design world. With it allowing me to source data from a number resources, WGSN, data from brands and shows. I used WGSN reports to show a resourcefully and aesthetically show a professional development of design and furniture knowledge. The essence of the module was to create a company or a business. I took my project into a visual merchandising route and create visualisations for 3 companies. Using both skills of textiles and retail I created designs to fit into my visualisations.

The second being Design, production and application. This allowed me to access the design, application and production of a company and allowed me to create designs in depth. I was able to create visualisations for my designs which was a step into the retail management side of the course I wanted to take, but it was also a chance to strength my design skills within colour, resources, fabric and equipment. The project looks into a concession within John Lewis, which I chose Bluebell Grey. It also looks into the depth of the company but also into the practice and the skills they use to create the work they do.

The third being the project I’m currently working on. From going from textile design to retail management was a step I was pleased to take for my future. I’m currently completing a visual merchandising project with my event being the Chelsea Flower Show within a selected store, brand or company.
Amie Boswell