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Merchandising & Visuals

Buying & Merchandising, Visual Merchandising & Dissertation

After completing three years of the Fashion Business and Promotion course, I have decided to seek a career and opportunities in a Merchandising field. In the first year, I completed a module titled 'Buying and Merchandising', in which I completed a booklet (using Adobe Illustrator and Indesign) that included: a trend direction, catwalk inspiration, key shapes and silhouettes, colour palettes and print direction a final range. The final range was a new range of Women's Jackets for the brand Allsaints, based on WGSN's Trend Direction, Slow Futures. I designed and created the CAD's, along with a critical path for the garments to be phased into the store.

During the second year, I completed a module titled 'Visual Merchandising', which involved working in a group to develop a Visual Merchandising concept for Selfridges & Co. The brief was to create an idea for a pop-up store, based around the concept of 'Radical Luxury'. Programs such as Sketch Up, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign were used to create the final outcomes. Our concept was titled 'Fractured' and was an idea formed from all the divides and chaos in todays world. For example, riots, issues with racism and the growing need for escapism.

Lastly, in my third and final year I completed my Dissertation. The 6,000 word booklet was based on the Lingerie market and how social issues in today's society are effecting its marketing. The topics discussed within its chapters were: Diversity, Feminism, Design, Sizing and social movements such as #MeToo.

The conclusion of the Dissertation was that lingerie marketing campaigns will continue to be perfect for a 'body positive' generation. In the future, it was determined that main stream brands will move their marketing towards the 'average woman', rather than focusing on a woman's insecurities.
Amelia Pope