Amber Knight

Amber Knight

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021



A BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate with a desire to work in buying. This ambition stems from a love for fashion design and street style, as well as a strong interest in customer's wants and needs from a garment. Throughout my university studies, I've gained valuable insight into the buyer's journey from concept to store, which has heightened my interest in perusing a role in buying. These skills have also developed through previous work opportunities, maintaining and keeping to a fixed purchasing budget, speaking with suppliers, and inputting invoices from previously purchased goods, have all aided in the development of a greater understanding of what is involves within a buying role.


The independent final major project led to the creation of the business concept
‘Inside-Out Skincare’ founded to reshape the way consumers look at the existing skincare industry. The company would use smart organic textiles, able to release vitamins into the skin as well as anti-inflammatory properties, linked with a mindful AI technology sensor to create ‘smart clothing’. This would enable the user to track and educate themselves, allowing them to make informed decisions surrounding their skin health, and improving it in an organic and natural way, without the need to incorporate numerous skincare products. The brand would also provide advice through a linked app on how to deal with, enhance and preserve healthy skin by taking care of the consumer's lifestyle/wellbeing first. A variety of approaches were used to conduct an in-depth study, including desk, field, and primary research. The results of the study were included in the business plan, explaining the concept's evolution and innovative outcomes.

The project enabled me to collaborate with fashion designer; Georgia Holt, creating mock-up outcomes ups for potential future development. The garment style was developed using in-depth research resources from WGSN and LS:N for the release month and year of A/W 22. Due to the brand's target demographic; generation X and their extremely busy lifestyle, there was a need to develop a versatile, simple, and
athleisure-inspired collection.

An in-depth business plan was created, this included the concept (Company values, purpose, mission, and vision statement), Consumers (The targeted consumer/tribes), Competitors (SWOT, USP’s, Market Sector, Marketing Map), Operations (Legal Obligations, Payment and terms, Company Structure, Staff and Costs, Production Process), Marketing (Marketing operations and cost) Marketing 12-month Strategy, Finical Background (12-Month Cash Flow and Breakeven Analysis) and Future Growth Strategy. TheIndependent Final Project was designed and showcased through software skills, such as Microsoft Excel, InDesign, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe Dimensions, Photoshop, and After Effects.