Alyssa Kim Holley

Alyssa Kim Holley

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Retreat

In a time where people strive for perfection across all elements of living, people are living longer and the inquisitive nature of humans’ means people are fixated on wondering how they can preserve and optimise both the body and the mind.
The desire to slow down, live in the moment, increase productivity and harness our full potential
The diversity of subjects completed within Fashion, Business and Promotions ranging from buying and trends forecasting to business planning and sales has allowed me to take on a large variety of key skills needed within the industry. The variation in topic areas has given me more confidence in exhibiting my ideas whether in presentation, written or printed form. I have learnt how to professionally utilise CAD software and I’ve been able to hone in on particular skills I excel at more than others with the freedom of choosing my own project topic. After graduating from the course I can say I have the knowledge and inspiration to apply my skills in the future industry.

A new forward thinking wellness concept named Retreat has been created for my final major project in response to the growing interest in health and wellness. The project was inspired by the notion of individuals seeking body, mind and soul optimisation and yearning for a sanctuary away from stressful urban living. The brand is built around four key values, sustainability, relaxation, community and education. The aim of the new business was to fill a gap in the market between a gym and a spa where after much primary research it was discovered a large catchment group of consumers felt there could be something extra in place. The retreat consumer can connect with like-minded individuals in a tranquil atmosphere where multiple elements of wellness are fused together under one roof.

After exploring ways in which mindfulness as a trend or idea had permeated across many sectors including fashion, it seemed the appropriate next step was to curate a collaboration of mindfulness and wellness practices and ideologies.

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