Aliya Akhtar

Aliya Akhtar

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


The Struggle for Representation

"TRUTH is on the side of the oppressed", Malcolm X

Representing the misrepresented or the unrepresented within society through my work has always been an obligation for me, due to the distortion within society and the negative misinformation within the media. Such as Muslim women and their Rights, many are unaware as to the rights Islam has bestowed upon Muslim women. Prophet Muhammad being the prime feminist, so much so that his radical reforms of the status of women in Arabia and early Islam were higher than any other society in the world at that time. Women in 7th century Arabia had rights not extended to most women in the West till recent centuries over 1,000 years later.

Marketing & PR

Through Marketing and PR, I had the opportunity to campaign for a cause of personal choice which is why I chose to campaign for the lack of freedom of speech within society. This campaign was delivered to inform the deficiency of Freedom of Speech Black, Asian and Ethnic minority citizens have within the West.

Major Project

My Major Project dissertation was to advocate for the Veiling of Muslim Women, how the uneducated view it as oppression while the ones veiling for a variety of personal reasons, some due to religious reasoning while others due to cultural, regardless of reasoning, should not the freedom of choice regarding dress be extended to women who chose to dress in accordance to their faith or culture, does that freedom from the Universal Declaration of Human Right not apply to Muslim women?

Independent Final Major Project

This Module led to creating and starting my own business by being able to represent Muslim women through a printed publication. MODEF Publications, a platform dedicated to providing Muslim women who are unable to find activism regarding taboo matters within society. The first issue was to address Sex and Intimacy within Islam. A highly researched issue containing advice by Muslim industry experts. Many uneducated within the Muslim community believe that this subject matter should not be discussed openly as it is shameful. NO, if men and women took council from the Prophet Muhammad on such matters, why are Muslim women led to believe that sex is a shameful matter now?