COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016



A woman should express herself and find liberation through originality and individuality.
Regardless of her sexual identity, shape or ethnicity; separating herself from social norms and the restraints of society's judgement will empower her.
The term Glitch describes a sudden and temporary fault, which is fixable. Glitch is the answer to a problem: highlighting the faults in society whilst championing contemporary advocates.

Glitch manifests in the form of an Online and Offline biannual zine that explores an emerging movement of women who are situating themselves outside of femininities’ boundaries. The content will dissect curiosities and insights into the lives of singular identities and admire advocates of contemporary culture. Glitch encourages breaking boundaries in the eyes of mainstream media’s blueprint where real women will bind the pages for which their stories and manifestos will be told. Holding a defiant dialogue and exclusivity that women and non-binaries can confide in. Glitch is a go-to space which provides an ease of access to equality movements, informing and inspiring a new generation of women - championing individuals who hold self-realisation and express sexual freedoms.

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