Aliveena Ambar Darr

Aliveena Ambar Darr

Aliveena Ambar Darr

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Womenswear 2020


The Daunting Waiting Room

Final Major Project

“The Daunting Waiting Room” is a project inspired by my younger brother’s journey in and out of hospital. A hospital environment comes with many connotations and people’s experiences right from admission is usually a negative one. My final project takes this idea and allows it to be narrated by a child, showing the innocent mind and imagination exploding in a clinical environment.
I took aspects of a hospital such as, the cliché characterless paintings, the waiting rooms, hospital leaflets and signage to further delve into what emotions they evoke.
Ive taken inspiration from Jeff Koons childish and playful art themes propelling it against Anish Kapoor’s minimal, clean sculptures to bring the contrast alive. The prints featured heavily in my designs are created from my brother’s daily medical observation charts as a backboard and on top typical childish drawings with vibrant colours. The reverse applique comes from the idea of looking beyond the clinical surface.”