Alicia Le Bellego

Alicia Le Bellego

Alicia Le Bellego

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Constructed Textiles 2020

Pin Drop

An interior collection exploring the concept of acoustic textiles and the idea that woven pieces can be used in interior settings to minimise acoustics, through the process of absorbing sounds.

This collection is explored through the means of felting, Canadian smocking, pleating and layering. These fabric manipulation processes demonstrate that the possibilities to create texture are endless and in order to be creative and find new solutions, one has to push the boundaries and challenge the norm.

Following a muted yet sophisticated colour palette, consisting primarily of greys and warm neutrals, these woven acoustic samples aim to complement and work alongside any elegant domestic interior. A splash of colour can be seen at intervals, with the intent to soften the mood of the woven panels, while sticking to a sophisticated and predominantly greyscale aesthetic.

Absorption of sound waves is achieved by the vibration of individual fibres within the felt, making felt as a material one of the best solutions for sound proofing and sound absorption. Experiments using the samples allowed an understanding to be gained into which ones were most effective at absorbing sound, acting as the driving force for this project.