Alicia Green

Alicia Green

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017




CLEAR aims to create a multi-sensory destination for the discovery of fashion, homewares and liquor.
New Millennials appreciate the immersive experience of the instore environment and enjoy the combination of retail and leisure.
The CLEAR concept was developed from Dissertation research into the New Millennial consumer and what they appreciate within retail environments, and whether retailers are providing the in-store environment they desire. CLEAR is a concept designed with this consumer in mind; New Millennials prefer experiential and memorable retail environments where shopping is more than a transaction and the pleasure of in store is more than just the products available (Solomon, 2014).

CLEAR is a lifestyle store based in Birmingham, that will host a range of contemporary brands that will not be available elsewhere in the city, making the store a more unique concept, as it will be the only store the consumer can buy the brands they desire. The in-store bar will be a relaxing space for customers to take a break from shopping or to simply taste a range of unusual and local liquors on their own, or with family and friends. This is an important part of the CLEAR concept as New Millennials now spend more money on social experiences such as eating and drinking out. Ahead of the store opening, the marketing strategy is to open 4 pop-up stores over a 12-month period, in order to gain brand awareness, create conversation around Birmingham, and start to build up a customer base.

Due to an absence of independent stores within Birmingham, there is a gap in the market for CLEAR. Also, the city is redeveloping through The Big city Plan development which focuses on the regeneration of many city centre areas and will improve how visitors see the city, especially important with the construction of the HS2. This will encourage more visitors into Birmingham, which already receives 83 million visitors a year with an expenditure of £2 billion per year.

Over the last three years at Birmingham city university, my determination to pursue a career into fashion buying has developed. I would like to put the skills and knowledge gained over the three years, as well as my work experience, into practice.

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