Alice May Robson

Alice May Robson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Seasonal by Clothsurgeon

We have a generation of young men who are more sophisticated than their predecessors
and who have no qualms about buying contemporary, directional fashion" GQ editor in chief Dylan Jones
Initial research through a dissertation following an in depth quantitative and qualitative research process led to the ideation process, allowing the ability to generate a concept based on knowledge of the changing menswear market.

The concept presents a diffusion line derived from the existing menswear brand Clothsurgeon, through strategic development of a product range for existing and new consumers by critically evaluating the modern male consumers wants, needs and emotions, aiding in the deliverance of a youthful, contemporary interpretation of modern menswear. The concept is presented through a combination of attention to detail, quality fabric, fit and finish to create a more diverse offering to the male consumer through wearable ready to wear garments made accessible to the underserviced male market.

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