Alice Fay Cross

Alice Fay Cross

Alice Fay Cross

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


Final Major Project - Dopazine Magazine.

A fashion based magazine exploring sustainable fashion and alternative fashion stories. The articles and editorials featured above are written, designed and styled by me. Exploring the links between knitwear and mental health, and fashion as a 'side hustle'. Full articles from the magazine can be found on my website.

Also featured: The chapter titles from my dissertation and a sample of imagery created for a visual literacy brief to create images for DAZED. These images are titled 'Springdependent Women'.

I am a Fashion Branding and Communication graduate who has a flair for written communication. Whether the subject is fashion, life style or social trends – I want to be writing about it. I have a keen interest in celebrating the forward thinkers and champions of sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry as well as an interest in feminism, and I enjoy constructive journalism.

Having already had a love for magazines with Stylist and Because being particularly strong influences on me, the first course modules on fashion publications and writing were fashion were a good starting point. I enjoyed recreating a zine edition of Oh Comely, and learned the importance of curating appropriate content, and adopting a tone of voice to suit a specific publication. This important skill I have acquired will be very useful in future endeavours; when I am writing for other brands and publications I feel I can say I will adopt their tone with confidence.

Trend forecasting was an important module for me. I gained a deeper insight into the research and the ‘behind the scenes’ thinking that leads to the innovative and well thought out approaches brands take in order to stay on trend. In keeping with my interest in sustainability I created and presented mood boards focusing on the theme of reclamation and the trend of sustainable denim.

The importance of trend forecasting is an invaluable transferrable skill; just as we want our clothing to be on trend, our knowledge can be too. I reflected this idea in my dissertation topic: ‘An exploration of call-out culture and its effect on the fashion industry’. I chose to write about this as I recognised it as a very poignant phenomenon and topical social trend, and I wanted to explore how it was effecting the industry that I would one day be a part of.

For my Final Major Project I created a magazine; Dopazine. Naturally, I focused on sustainability, future of the fashion industry and positive fashion stories. Content in the magazine included: An interview with a brand owner who is working towards be fully sustainable, original imagery for the editorial to run alongside a feature about the links between knitting, knitwear and mental health, A runway report focusing on 2020 fashion weeks and the brands that are adopting the sustainability trend.

Although my main asset and dream job role involves writing I have also enjoyed dabbling in creative direction and styling and have shown I am skilled in this area too.

I would like to use all the skills I have learnt to gain employment in a writing role, either for a publication, as a freelance writer, or in a PR or Social Media role.
Alice Fay Cross