Alice Chandler

Alice Chandler

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Keeping up with the Millennials

Young Millennials want their information now and the products yesterday!

No loyalties and the urge for experimentation

Millennials are one of the most difficult consumers to understand, they are powerful and influence the way companies work. Throughout my Dissertation and Final Major Project I have thoroughly researched into the concept that ‘companies need to keep up with the millennial market’.

The inspiration for Mini Estee developed from combining my recent work experience at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and my dissertation research into the millennial market.
Mini Estee is a subscription service with a twist. Customers can personally pick samples of Estee Lauder products delivered straight to their door. After subscribing customers will have a personal profile on the application, which encourages them to review products/samples, they order. The aim is for customers to post photographs and interact with other users, encouraging each other to experiment within the brands. Hopefully bringing in a younger demographic to the companies in contrast to the current demographic which is more of a mature consumer with higher disposable income. Mini Estee will not filter reviews, many millennials have lost trust in online reviews and advertising with many influencers getting paid large amounts of money to promote products consequently making it harder to trust anyone with a large following on social media. It will give the customers an opportunity to have honest opinions of products, creating a strong trust therefore encouraging millennials to buy more and more from Estee Lauder Companies

From initial Dissertation research, work experience at Bobbi Brown in the PR and Communications department, followed by the development of my idea of Mini Estee, for my Final Major Project, it has encouraged me to peruse a career in Public Relations to combine my creativity, chatty personality and business mind.