Alice Chadband

Alice Chadband

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016



Creating a narrative to describe the history and personality behind each unique garment allows the consumer to form a special attachment to the item.
Slow fashion encourages a meaningful and lasting connection with garments, opposing to the usual throwaway culture which is typical of fast fashion.
Throughout my final major project I developed Carousel, a sustainable business concept, which has the potential to solve some of the issues around the subject of throwaway fashion and overconsumption. The brand aims to highlight the importance of utilising up-cycling to increase resourcefulness.

Stories are embedded on Carousels clothing labels. These were created to add substance and meaning to the garments sold by the brand. Through composing a story for the history of every garment, it teaches the consumer that each piece of clothing has a hidden depth and special personality. Through educating the individual and capturing the mind of the consumer, they will begin to form an emotional attachment to the garment, which should ultimately influence the consumer to purchase, love and care for the item.
Alice Chadband

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