Alexandra Tolman

Alexandra Tolman

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020



Alex Tolman

Looking for my next opportunity in Cosmetic branding and promotion

About my future
Fashion Branding and Communication graduate going on to further study for Masters in Cosmetic Branding and Promotion. I have a strong interest in branding, public relations, promotional campaigns and social media. I have always loved fashion and found early in my course that my deep passion lies in cosmetics. On my degree course I have learnt different ways to communicate with consumers. I now want to learn more about the different promotional aspects within the industry, gain a greater understanding of marketing techniques, advertising, and events management to expand my portfolio. During my final year at university my work has centred on the effects of sustainability and packaging waste. I chose the topic because it is a serious environmental issue that will affect the beauty industry now and into the future.

My dissertation asked “How can consumers’ perceptions of sustainable beauty be improved?” This major project investigated and researched consumer behaviour towards sustainability, specifically plastic packaging waste. I chose this project because sustainability is a global issue. Society produces too much plastic waste harmful to the environment, worsening global warming, animal extinction and increasing the temperature stratification.

My major project highlighted how consumers and the industry can slowly adapt to become sustainable. Explaining the effects of packaging waste can help change behaviour by promoting awareness of the impact of plastic waste on the environment.

Major project: Blome Cosmetics
For my final major project I created Blome Cosmetics, believed to be the first fully sustainable, plantable beauty brand.
Blome’s Mission: to reduce packaging waste in a unique way that engages consumers in sustainable behaviour. In 2018, 120 billion units of plastic waste were produced by the cosmetic industry. Blome hopes to achieve a positive change in consumer recycling behaviour, offering fun and creative ways they can give back to the environment within a busy lifestyle. Blome Cosmetics uses seeded paper, vegetable inks and sustainable adhesives for wrap around labels that are plantable and grow into flowers. The gold tins are reusable and can be refilled with Blome products.

The idea of creating Blome for my final project is to reduce packaging waste and encourage consumers to actively promote sustainability awareness through planting seeded paper. By creating Blome I wanted to create an awareness of sustainable products and help introduce colourful sustainability into everyday life.