Alexandra Penn

Alexandra Penn

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



I am a passionate, self-motivated and proactive individual currently studying BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion at Birmingham City University. This course has helped to develop my knowledge within the fashion industry, as well as extending my Adobe software skills. Particularly after completing my Major Project, I see myself working within the fast fashion sector, focusing on social media marketing and influencers. Although the fast fashion sector can sometimes appear unethical, the fast-paced environment drives me to produce more sustainable movements through creative marketing campaigns. My passion towards the industry, particularly supporting sustainability and ethical practices, has continued to rise and I am excited to be a part the industry’s growth.

The video and left tile displays my Final Major Project- THREADS.

THREADS is a pop-up store in Selfridges which helps to educate the consumer on alternative materials used in the footwear industry. Informative websites, interactive digital screens, recycled tote bags, an innovative store display and an exciting promotional video all work together to create a buzz for the event. The aim of THREADS is to educate the consumer on the benefits of these materials through interactive concepts and therefore generate sales for both the brands included and Selfridges itself.

The right-hand tile shows some of the other projects completed whilst at BCU.

The Major Project created a focus on influencers and the fast fashion industry. Whilst exploring the success of social media marketing. I analysed how influencers helped to support the fast fashion industry and researched how impactful they could be in the future.

The Marketing and PR module worked in collaboration with Boots to create a cruelty free collection. The aim of this was to become as transparent and informative with the consumer as possible. Marketing mock-ups were a key part of translating how this project could look.

Buying and Merchandising was an exciting module which worked alongside George. This project helped to increase business terminology and professional skills. Designing a collection to appear in George incorporated store research and understanding the George consumer to a high level.