Alexandra Birkenshaw

Alexandra Birkenshaw

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Welcome to Generation Z

The truth about an inaccurately represented demographic cohort.

“If you’re over 25, you’re probably wrong about Generation Z. They’re the best crop of teenagers America has ever produced.” (Woehr, 2016)

Members of today’s younger generations are more free but more trapped than ever before, scrolling through social media in today’s society is like stepping into a microcosm of this cultures norms and values, it is only through stepping outside into the macrocosm that it is evident that this is not real life, it is a constructed Westernised reality.

This is a research topic that was explored for my dissertation through a number of methods, including primary research by travelling around Thailand and teaching in schools to compare experiences with young people in the UK in comparison to Thailand. Then through studying Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology who specialises in research into Generation Z along with additional methods.

Key conclusions from this research highlighted a gap in the market; young people are lonelier than ever and struggle to meet potential love interests in today's society. Dating apps don’t produce successful results, people don’t approach others in person anymore and they are also confined by the 'hookup culture'. This inspired the business plan for ‘FindMe’, a new dating bar that will encourage young people to meet potential love interests and interact in person.

Please see right the dissertation that lead to this business plan, see above a video of a mock-up of how the dating bar venue will look, which was created using Cinema 4D and left an example of how FindMe will be branded.

This project showcases my mix of business and creative skills. Throughout my degree I have developed skills in a range of sectors of the fashion industry but found that Buying and Merchandising allowed me to express my knowledge for business while being creative at the same time. I created an 18 piece collection for Whistles and have interned with the Wallis buying team so this is this route I want my career to go down.