Alexandra Belfort

Alexandra Belfort

COURSE: DESTINATIONS 2017 Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design for Performance 2017

TITLE: Glitter Shit


"Ally created something unique and extraordinary, a punk rock gown fit for a queen."
Lilith, Birmingham Drag Queen, 2017
For her final major project, Alexandra collaborated with two local drag queens to design outfits for them to wear to a local club night in March 2017. As a long-time fan of the drag scene, Alexandra has always appreciated the art form that is drag, so for her final project she contacted Birmingham queens; Lacey Lou and Lilith to create looks for the Glitter Shit night at Nightingales Club.

As well as her work at university, Alexandra has over a year’s professional experience in working in many aspects of Professional Costume and Theatre (Including quick change dressing and Wardrobe Assisting) Because of this work, Alexandra had the chance to work on the Birmingham Royal Ballet’s tour of Romeo and Juliet for two weeks as well as working as a dresser on shows such as Shrek the Musical, Phantom of the Opera, Birmingham Royal Ballet's The Tempest and Alvin Aliey

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