Alex Palphreyman

Alex Palphreyman

COURSE: Fashion 2016

Pathway: Design for Performance 2016

TITLE: Cell Block Tango - Pole Fitness Showcase

The play 'Chicago' offers a callous reminder that crimes were as aggressively commercialised 100 years ago as they are today.
perform for the jury and you may just get away with murder...
These costumes have been designed and made for Body Synergy's pole fitness showcase themed 'A Night at the Movies'. Specifically, for the section of the show based on the play and film 'Chicago'.

This central premise, 'crime as entertainment', has been the main source of inspiration for the project. 'Chicago' was based on 2 real murder trials, showing us how our culture commercialises crime and turns it into entertainment; rather than finding true justice.

The costumes have been made for 3 contrasting characters in the 'Cell Block Tango' routine - a guilty woman, an innocent woman, and a victim; showing the contrast of innocence and guilt, and the corruption of the criminal justice system. All costumes have been made specifically for each performer with the choreography in mind, therefore practical for use on the dance floor and the pole.

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