Alannah James

Alannah James

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: GymBuddy

Strength is in numbers. Gym partners can take the dropout rate from ‘43% to just 6.3% over a year’
Gymbuddy provides a new platform to find workout support for the smartphone generation
Technology used to aid fitness, Gymbuddy aims to support the health conscious consumer. The concept, designed for smart devices, locates a gym partner whilst being one. Inspired by the dissertation and reacting off that research, the app is created with a variety of different services to cater to every need of such a broad market, with similar interests.

Combining fashion and fitness within this concept tailors to the current blur between boundaries of active wear and day wear. With the social media feature encouraging the community values that reflect the brand. This app will revitalise the way people workout with assistance from the tutorial videos uploaded, the social community of GymBuddy and the collaboration of the gym and fashion products. It allows consumers to have everything they need in one application. Giving constant live updates and news feeds to inspire and motivate, whilst making it easily accessible whenever and wherever.

Gymbuddy is not about being skinny, but living healthy.

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