Alana Shafi

Alana Shafi

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Alana Shafi Portfolio

"Diversity is not one in the room. Diversity is not two in the room. Diversity is not three in the room. True diversity, is half the room".

"If your dream is only about you, it's too small".


Discussing and debating the negative and positive impact Cultural Appropriation has on society, and how it is popularised within popular culture. Cultural Appropriation is a concept regularly misunderstood due to inaccurate interpretations; An in-depth discussion was developed in dissertation research: “Is Cultural Appropriation in Popular Culture Blanketed Racism?”. This provides insight on the true meaning of cultural appropriation: the taking of a cultural element for entertainment and aesthetic purposes, without any acknowledgement of the cultural significance of the element. Research also provided an insight into how cultural appropriating reinforces negative stereotypes and one-dimensional representations.

Final Major Project:
Subsequent to the dissertation research, and the appropriate recommendations made, these were developed into a platform that celebrated inclusivity; Altadena Magazine was created.
Altadena’s core purpose was to provide a platform that empowers negatively/underrepresented groups within society, i.e. urban culture, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ etc. It aims to give readers the freedom to feel accepted, to explore and understand social issues. With stories from real people and topics surrounding racism, equality, sexuality and other relatable topics the core reader can connect with. To change the traditional magazine model, Augmented Reality is a key component that enhances engagement and direct interaction with the magazine. This brings a digital layer on to the physical world; using the cause of the shift within print publications, to revive it.

Understanding the bigger social issues and being open-minded to racial/cultural sensitivity has become an important quality that is needed across many industries. However, Marketing requires having this understanding, and being able to build an authentic rapport with consumers. From my Dissertation and creation of my magazine, they have educated me and provided me with the knowledge to be socially aware.