Aisyah Azlan

Aisyah Azlan

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2017



The reliever of sorrows...
The Penglipur Lara, which roughly translates into 'the reliever of sorrows' from the Malay language. In the past, travelling the Penglipur Lara(s) in the form off witch doctors or preachers or farmers would carry stories and folklore from one kampung (village) to another, making occasional stops at marketplaces and village squares. Storytellers are those who entertain the heart of grief by presenting the folklore that is witty, often infused with poetry, songs and dancing. In ancient times, they were considered as a local culture that serves as a source off news, entertain meant and education. The value and wisdom behind each story cannot be ignored. these storytellers counsel and distract to the daily problems off the listeners when they are so engrossed with the tales of the Penglipur Lara as it created a sense off harmony amongst the community. I am the Penglipur Lara of my own concept and will tell my story through garments that showcase an introduction to the warmth of my culture and tales.....

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