Aida Shazwin Zamri

Aida Shazwin Zamri

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021



"Merging man and machine, science will produce humans who have vastly increased intelligence, strength, and lifespans; a near embodiment of gods." Robin McKie

In this era of modernization, many people live with a busy daily schedule which makes them spend less time managing their health and listen to what their body needs. This has caused the rise in invasive surgeries as people prefer to take a shortcut to achieve their desired look. The number of deaths caused by these surgeries has also increased exponentially.

What if people have the access to monitor their health status at the tip of their finger and are able to understand better on what their body needs into achieving their desired goal?

Beautech is a technology developed from the NFC implant concept which helps enable health data analysis. This technology gathers basic health details and statistics such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure as well as more complex information which includes hydration level, body fat percentage, blood type as well as vitamin and micronutrient intakes. Users are able to access the information through a specific application called Beautech on their smartphones. Beautech will enable users to be aware of their health status at the tip of their hands.

Gathered data will be used to create specific health improvement plans which include diets, and health routines according to what the user needs and does not need. User’s current data can also be used in drug stores such as Guardian and Watsons, Beauty stores such as MAC and Sephora as well as clinics and hospitals seamlessly using RFID technology built in the implant.
With the current growth in seamless technologies in our daily lives, the future of NFC implant may help to ease human’s daily interactions at a higher scale.

I am looking forward to pursue my career as a brand designer or digital marketer. With 4 years of experience studying in the fashion field, I grew interest in brand designing and digital marketing because I believe that a business is not just about selling your product or service but customers are also buying what the brand stands for therefore a memorable impression is vital to capture their attention. My Independent final project was the module that I enjoyed the most. It has equipped me with the skills required to be a brand designer and digital marketer