Agne Ivanauskaite

Agne Ivanauskaite

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


A graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion Branding and Communication pursuing a role within the PR, Marketing and Communications sector. Throughout my degree, I have acquired skills in trend forecasting, branding, styling and journalism. This has sculpted an interdisciplinary way of thinking and exploring fashion throughout my work. I have developed an avid interest in sustainability and my enthusiasm for the subject is reflected throughout the projects taken on during my final year of studies.

Alongside my degree, I have industry experience working as a social media and marketing intern for an independent travel and lifestyle magazine. The flexibility of the role allowed me to immerse myself in other parts of the business, such as events and branding giving me the expertise that is necessary within my chosen career field. I have gained invaluable knowledge and skills that allow me to look at sustainability with a holistic approach.


Circular Consumption within Generation Z

An independent study that explores circular consumption and investigates how the pressing issues concerning the environment as well as social matters are influencing change in consumption amongst Generation Z. I discovered that the second-hand market has seen substantial growth and that Generation Z are key buyers of second-hand apparel due to the rise of apps such as Depop. I investigated further into circular fashion and found that brands and businesses are slowly transitioning to more sustainable business models due to the demands of Generation Z.


Sustainable Travel and Food Magazine

Produced a magazine that explores the threads that connect sustainability with travel and food through an array of assorted photographs and articles. The magazine acts as a guide offering the reader recommendations for places to visit, stay and dine with a prime focus on locality. Additionally, it aims to bring the reader a sense of escapism as it can be very challenging to find peace of mind in today's busy modern world. The first issue explores the United Kingdom and showcases the wild, unspoilt terrain of England, Scotland and Wales. Recommendations of sustainable restaurants and conscious hotels are featured and provide information regarding how local businesses within the hospitality industry are embracing sustainable practices.

Alongside this, I produced a business plan which discussed the audience and consumer, competitors, brand identity, collaborations and a promotional campaign for the magazine. I collaborated with UK based freelance photographers and as part of the promotional campaign, I used four different marketing strategies. This consisted of shares and likes, giveaways, hashtags and ads.

Agne Ivanauskaite