Adam Francis

Adam Francis

Adam Francis

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2019

An Autopsy of Consumer Culture

Mat_er is an independent publication set to be printed in Spring of 2018. Mat_er sits on the precarious divide between physical and digital. The publication will attract readers from generation z and millennials who are digital natives and politically motivated. Generation Z, in particular are born activists with an innate curiosity for the world around them. This magazine seeks to tap into this mindset, which has the potential to change.

Existing within a technological age, we become conditioned to experiencing our days through virtual means, detaching us from the physical materials which enable it. It is Mat_er’s agenda to challenge the divide between physical and digital, combining them within process. The interdisciplinary process integral to the magazine, represents the serendipitous aspect of collaborative creativity.

The manifesto has evolved naturally since the beginning of this project; with both the infiltration of new people and narrowing down of focus. Through analysing our initial research, we identified common threads which lead us back to materials.
Mat_er is concerned with the cyclical nature of consumer culture and how nothing exists in isolation. New trends adopt inspiration from existing contexts so Mat_er aims to reattach the viewer to this rich network of exchange from which new trends are outputs of.

Through the reuse, re appropriation and reimagining of materials, cycles can resume in new forms and contexts. Mat_er rebuilds from the existing as a basis to start from, as opposed to constructing something brand new from a blank canvas.

This will therefore be translated in the design of the printed publication as it will not be a stark layout which presents only itself, it will present a back story to the materials used also. The publication will resemble a delicate object and promote a more
tactile experience for the viewer. Unlike a conventional editorial magazine, Mat_er will provide a less linear read, reflecting the life of materials. The design process echoes this ethos as it is collaboration began between a solely analogue designer and one digitally immersive. These conflicting processes resulted in a new translation of ideas, upholding the communal over the individual. This process was a catalyst in forming the foundation of the magazine, setting a clear
point of origin for content and direction. The Magazine therefore, is a collision of contrasting ideas, which emerge through joint thinking.