Abigail Jade Parkes

Abigail Jade Parkes

Abigail Jade Parkes

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Re-New "because there is only one you!"

"Aging and growing older is such a controversial subject amongst the beauty industry, but why should we be made to feel like this natural process is so alien to us? Why do we as consumer feel like we need to read between the blurred lines?"

Over 30% of 40-60 year olds believe that aging gracefully should be a trend within the beauty sector, this natural process has been made to feel alienated to consumers and unrealistic. Living the perfect life and having a perfect image is all too common in today's society (OFNS,2017)

A BA (Hons) Fashion, Business & Promotion graduate looking to pursue a career within the marketing and creative merchandising sector. Three years at university has allowed me to gain a vast range of creative software skills something that will help with the progression of my portfolio after university. Not only do I have three years experience within the fashion retail sector but I have also worked in customer service based roles.

Through different variations of research and extensive market research I took the decision to carry on with the beauty industry after dissertation, (see right hand video for dissertation) during dissertation I researched into "whether the beauty industry was causing a loss of representation within ethnic groups, and whether their reluctancy to embrace this was causing a loss of understanding and interest?". This for me was the decider that I wanted to carry on with the beauty industry in FMP and from my key findings and recommendations from dissertation I decided to come with up with innovation skincare concept "Re-New". The large landscape video at the top of the page was created as an educational promotional video for my FMP concept "Re-New" explaining the effects and aims to shock the audience as to how UV exposure affects the skin, even though these are naked to the eye and can only be seen under a special UV camera, the results are still shocking. UV exposure is one of the biggest players in causing the skin to age, so by helping to educate people on how to care for their skin (due to their skin health) this will allow the skin to repair some of the non-permanent damage.

Re-New is a bespoke skincare clinic in which clients can attend to complete a ten minute lifestyle test in order to determine their skin health, once the test is completed all of the factors will be analysed and then they will be suggested a bespoke skincare regime that will fit in perfectly with their skin health. The aim of re-new is to break the stigma around aging and repair the early signs of aging through new advance in skincare. These new innovations are epigenetics, meaning that by essentially "feeding" the skin all of the correct proteins and elements it will aid the skin in its repair etc skin damage, pollution damage and fine lines. The portrait GIF, was created as a form of branding for my FMP concept, stylist magazine are a free fashion & beauty magazine based in Birmingham with my business plan stating that Re-New's first concept start up would be in Birmingham, Selfridges I found this to be very fitting.

The creative skills that university has allowed me to gain, has made me feel well prepared for the chosen industry I am pursuing a career in, I am an ambitious individual with a strong ability to work in teams and to set briefs.

1-Promotion Video for FMP
2-GIF of magazine marketing for FMP
3-Dissertation Page Turner

Thomas Levrveritt for the imagery of the Re-New promo video found here:

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