Abbie Jade Richardson

Abbie Jade Richardson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


"You can die from this virus, but you can also die from loneliness"

An ambitious 2020 Fashion Business and Promotion graduate seeking a future career within the marketing and PR industry with a keen interest in social media, creative design and advertising. My final year at university has incorporated all the skills developed throughout my degree such as marketing techniques and strategies, crisis management, analytic thinking and creative design. During this time at university I have recognised my strengths in creating engaging marketing material and digital content, being able to research topics and sectors I have a passion for. During the final two years at university, my work has focused on the implications of Covid-19 on the marketing industry and retail in general whilst looking at how it has changed the sentiments and values of consumers. This has then allowed me to produce effective and relevant marketing strategies and campaigns following the outbreak of Covid-19.


Fika was produced in response to the effects of Covid-19, as an overwhelming amount of research found that the outbreak had negative psychological effects on consumers and more were experiencing symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. Fika is a mixed reality platform which combines the traditional use of a mindfulness platform with the emerging popularity of virtual reality and connectivity, providing users with the ability to meditate anywhere in the world at any time with the use of a simple VR headset.


To the left you will see my marketing work from second year, this was a collaboration with Ellesse and the 'Child Poverty Action Group' charity to produce a campaign that highlighted the importance of being aware of child poverty within the UK. Cohesive in-store and outdoor marketing material was produced, with hashtags and online social media content being used to market the campaign.


To the right you will see my dissertation, this study investigated how retail brands can deliver the experience that generation-Z demands in the time of a pandemic. Focus groups, interviews and surveys were used to gather reliable, primary research. This has allowed me to develop a solid understanding on how to adapt future marketing strategies and campaigns in order to successfully engage consumers.