Abbie Heather

Abbie Heather

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Final Year


“If you are not using your voice and wearing your beliefs on your sleeve, are you participating in the vital and viral movement?”
WGSN 2016
My dissertation focused on Lady Diana and whether she was and still is classed as a Fashion Icon. To provide an outcome to this question, thorough extensive research using both primary and secondary methods were carried out concentrating on Lady Diana's fashion, style and personal life. From this it was evident that Lady Diana made a huge impact on the fashion industry, the Royal family and the world. She was not afraid to have a voice and wanted to make a change and that is why she was admired by people around the world.

The idea and concept for my final major project was heavily influenced by the research and findings from my dissertation. It was clear Lady Diana made a huge impact globally and wanted her views, opinions and voice to be heard. From this, I wanted to produce a concept allowing other generations and people from all walks of life to have a chance to have their voice heard.

Generation Z and Millennials are the two main consumer tribes that want their voice to be heard with 60% of Gen Z and 39% of Millennials wanting to have an impact on the world (WGSN 2016). Focusing on these consumer groups, the concept #AsDesignedByMe was created.

The concept focuses on the process where brands and consumers work together to create better ideas, products and services in a happy medium. Brands still steer product innovation but customers have a seat at the head of the table. Identifying a gap in the market for consumer and brand collaborations, the concept will be a design led concept promoting consumer/ brand relationships where a chosen group of consumers produce designs for a 10 piece collection for ASOS’ own range. This offers an innovative experience focusing on allowing consumers feel a part of the business.

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