Abbie Gunton

Abbie Gunton

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: My Final Year


“Gender has always been a fact, immutable. What we now know, is that it is more fluid, complex and mysterious”
“Hyper-masculinity is something that’s put upon us as children, gender roles that we do not choose, that’s forced upon us. It’s a time when cars, wrestling, sports, among other activities are encouraged. It’s during this time that young men start believing what society has brainwashed us to think is masculine.”
The dissertation documented investigates how the gender fluid trend is currently affecting the fashion and beauty industry and how significant a part it will play in the future of retail. It seeks to shed light on the way in which typical ‘black and white’ views on gender are perhaps becoming outdated and unrelateable to current generations. It is made clear throughout, that gen z accept gender to be more fluid in comparison to older generations and are, consequently, leading the way towards looser gender rules. Chapter 3 focuses on gender fluidity within the beauty industry and highlights how the movement may have prompted a male beauty trend. This movement towards un-gendered beauty has opened up the world of cosmetics to a wider audience, creating an opportunity in the market for male specific products.

The final major project presented consists of a business and marketing plan for a new concept, The Man Cave: a beauty and grooming hub within Selfridges which offers a selection of existing leading brands in the male beauty and personal care market. As the male beauty market continues to grow, TMC aims to meets the needs of this new beauty-conscious male consumer who may feel intimidated in a female orientated sector by providing a safe, male only environment.

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